bye bye duffy dog

my mom had to put duffy down today. he had bone cancer and had zero quality of life left. 11 years old. i remember when we got him … just before our massive family reunion trip in ireland. duffy was my dad’s dog. so loyal. he worshiped my dad, the ultimate alpha male. then my dad got sick and was pretty much MIA. my mom became duffy’s caretaker. and when my dad passed away my mom got even closer to duff. he was her daily companion. a sweeter dog there was not. he was famous for licking everyone and everything. he and rufus became fast friends. they were quite a duo. now he’s up there in heaven with murph (our family bulldog who died in ’99) and my dad — all three of them basking in front of the fireplace while Dad watches a Giants game (a better team than this year’s of course!). RIP Duffster. you were so loved.

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