crap! it’s almost halloween!

i love halloween but i’m in a wee panic because it’s less than 2 weeks away and i don’t have a costume.

now, i don’t have a destination either … halloween lands on a monday which inhibits partying to a small degree. however it is my moral obligation to dress up each and every year.

so now what? i was out with a bunch of clever people this weekend — everyone was bereft of new ideas. i have three back up costume ideas:

1) wonder woman … (i already have the costume in my arsenal.)
2) liz lemon tina fey is my hero, liz lemon my alter ego.
3) scrabble … i dreamt this one actually. it was a scrabble dress though it doesn’t HAVE to be a slutty one . and i would put a bunch of tiles in my hair.

hoping for an animal attack on a human or something similarly huge, tragic and politically incorrect to pop up in the next 13 days.

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  • Beth

    – a dress with 9-9-9 on it with Herman Cain stache and glasses?
    – moammar gadhafi? He had so many good outfits. I know he’s dead but…
    – the first Apple computer (in honor of Steve Jobs)?

    I’ll keep thinking.

  • Lost



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