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i work in TV and watch unhealthy amounts of it. it is hard when there is SO MUCH dang incredible programming out there. how to find the time. here are some dramas i am more than just a casual viewer of … these are the shows i stay up weird hours making sure i am 100% up-to-date on, and why i almost never see movies in the theater anymore …

HOMELAND — Easily Showtime’s best original series to date. Yes, Dexter is good and I really love Episodes but this is a really high quality, involving drama. It’s on the level of The Wire or Breaking Bad in its caliber of storytelling and performances. A must watch!

THE WALKING DEAD — I am a sucker for scary. I don’t mind violence and I love Zombies. Been watching since its debut last year. I dig the exciting, morbi-fun escapism. It’s not on the level of True Blood … not nearly as creative and entertaining but I still dig it.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY — It’s morbid, dark and dirty. It’s more of a psychological challenge … the viewer never knows for sure what is appearance or reality (nor do some of the characters). Love the creepy style and twisted overtones.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE — I was skeptical at first. Steve Buscemi as a charismatic male lead? Wasn’t buying it (least of all his sex scenes …ewwwww). BUT I stuck it out and damn, is it good. Even better in Season 2. The history, the writing, the acting, the sets. Absolutely top notch. The gold standard. Thank you HBO and Martin Scorcese for this delicious weekly escape!

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