collage montage world: life + times

As my 2 year old blog banner suggests, I love collage. I have always loved making art from other art. My freshman year college dorm room was my canvas for this love. I covered the walls in a giant collage of imagery clipped from magazines, photos and some sketches of my own. It’s exciting to bring disparate things together in a unified piece. It’s what I like about writing, about media, about throwing parties. It’s also why I’ve always loved hip hop … it’s a collage of classic soul, R&B, poetry and melody. I dream about assembling every thing I love in one place. Everything. Music, art, film, people, objects, pets, hobbies, experiences. I’d call it “My Favorite Everything.” An ex once suggested I create this as an art installation. Seemed a bit obtuse. I want it to be natural, fun, easy. My favorite everything is essentially … LIFE isn’t it? Minus the stuff I don’t like? Dunno. Heavy stuff. In any case, we are living in a collage montage world. Everything’s together, nothing is separate. On that line of thinking, I am in LOVE with Jay Z’s culture site, Life + Times. Love the taste, the aesthetic, the sensibility. I love everything about it. If I could wear a web site, climb into a web site and swim in it, it would be this! http://lifeandtimes.com/

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