a week of awesome

this week was a week of awesome. monday night i spoke to a class of 80 kids  in the school of Film & Television at NYU. rarely do i get the opportunity to speak in front of large groups and impart what i know. consequently i am not a good speaker. practice makes better so i’m making a point to put myself out there more in 2012. glad i did! loved the energy of the tv and film students. wow, they are smart. i look forward to the content chaos ahead. new challenges, new opportunities. it’s about to get hectic!

heavy shit side note: i feel bad for kids these days cause the adult world has fucked them over. pressure to go to college, take out loans and then when they get out they have lots of debt and there are few jobs.

institutions have failed all of us… but young people the most. those lucky enough to have jobs pay taxes to give benefits to retiring elders, yet the odds we’ll be taken care of in the same way when we reach that age are slim.

the rich are getting richer, and fewer and fewer people can afford the basics — a home, the ability to have and feed a family without running yourself into the ground working 24-7, the ability to save for the future and provide an education to one’s children.

and when you are young right now, there’s the confusing aspects of negotiating male female relationships. dealing with the uncertainty of social life — from HIV and other STDs to who pays for what and is texting an acceptable form of communication between two people who are boning?

these questions are the subject of the new HBO series, GIRLS. As part of my week of awesome i got to screen the first 2 eps. i LOVED them. check it out — it’s like a present day freaks and geeks about real chicks in their early 20s. it premieres april 15 at 10:30 on HBO. read more here.

ok enough heavy shit. this is about the week of awesome. i had a handful of wonderful nights with friends new and old. one of them included a dance party at Brooklyn Bowl. my dear pal kate was in town from portland for an art teacher convention in midtown (talk about SNL skit in the making!). with @questlove spinning it’s a guaranteed good time — he plays shit from when i was a kid listening to the radio that most people in my life don’t know — dana dane and the like.

we saw idris elba there at the Bowl with a young claudia schiffer looking model chick. he is quite possibly the smokinest man alive. he was tall, had a cap on and there were white flecks in his goatee. swoon.

we danced on and on for hours. by the end of the night i had been hit on by so many youngsters — i was feelin’ hot to trot. i got home after 2 a.m. utterly soaked, sopping with sweat. damn it felt good to be a gangster.

all this and good flow and activity in my personal and professional lives. and thursday nite i am austin bound for SXSW. yeah dog. feelin like joe walsh these days.

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  • superdave524

    He’s in Korea and digging it (says it’s hard to get cheese, though). I do hope to visit before he returns.

  • thanks SD. that’s exactly right — the return on an education is poor. i hope the elder lad is in a cool country overseas so you & lady di have someplace cool to visit!

  • superdave524

    Cool stuff (and as for the heavy stuff: oldest son graduated from Sewanee with majors in Latin and English, and finally found a job overseas a couple of years after graduating. I’ve got to tell twin Tyler he needs to find a “practical” degree or go into a trade, because the return on an education is so poor nowadays. Ah, well…)

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