juice fast

i did a juice fast for 2 days and this is how i felt: starving, angry, ready to rumble but also ready to faint (so rumbling wouldn’t be a good idea).  6 juices a day. plus water. no coffee (gasp!) or food. i was dizzy, unable to focus, constantly sleeping and very crabby!

i broke the fast earlier this evening — i had an apple, some steamed spinach and brown rice, and grapes. am starting to feel human again.

the point was not to lose weight but to detoxify. i am alarmed by how reliant i am on sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol to function … how they are such important staples in my day. i was clearly in caffeine and withdrawal – i can’t believe i’ve gone 2 whole days without a drop of the stuff.

side effects of the fast: sleepiness, headaches, crabbiness, weird poo, very dry skin, coughing, sneezing, burping. sounds delightful doesn’t it? people do these for days and weeks. 48 hours was more than enough for moi. it fits with my new regimen of TWOS:

run 2X a week
yoga 2X a week
trainer 2X a week
2 cups of coffee per day – black
2 glasses of red wine  2X a week

as lamont says i’ll eat clean and allow myself one day a week to eat whatever the hell i want. again, the point is not to lose wait but to feel better and healthier in my skin. oh song of life — the sisyphean quest for “better.”

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