the first rule of fight club

don’t talk about fight club. or pink eye. yes i am 36 years old and have pink eye in conjunction (pun intended) with an upper respiratory infection and sinusitus. seasonal allergies and sinus problems always plague me from mid may until mid june but this year has been exceptionally wretched. my eyes are sunk, my head clogged, and now my left eyeball is bloodshot and oozing. saw the doc today and got a bunch of meds so hopefully i’ll be on the mend soon. health: it is a precious thing.

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  • col

    ugh sorry to hear that kate. did you get medicine? i just took my third horse pill and i feel a lot better. ps: is it weird that i watched the movie “contagion” while home sick today? xxoo

  • cuz kate

    feel better cuz. i’m suffering from a clogged up face sinus mess as well. not fun at all. couldn’t imagine it combined with pink eye 🙁
    get well.

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