I am rapidly approaching the end of my summerly trip to the coast. 12 days 11 nights. Had a great time in San Diego. I always do. Comic-Con is my people, my tribe. After working cooped up in an office for months on end it is great to get out and hang loose.

Then the second leg in the City of Angels. I’m not an LA woman, but I enjoy it here just fine. I like the weather. I like the vibe. I don’t know many people here though, and I have no idea where I am going. (Thank goodness for GPS.) So it is a wee bit odd and lonely. Also, I have been working like a dog and my sinus infection is back. So I am really tired.

Yet, for five days of sunshine, I can handle anything. I’ve caught up over dinner with a dear pal, done yoga, gone shopping, meditated outside on the little balcony at my hotel. All told, I’ve had a blast. And apparently I missed some beastly heat back in NYC – for that I am grateful. Can’t wait to get home to Rufus and Aretha, to train with Lamont, to go to Yoga on the lake in Monroe, to see my family. Looking forward to summer and all the good fun it shall hold. And my birthday next month!

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