the dark knight rises: my review

typical macho american excess. too long, convoluted, overdone. i sat there for at least a full hour asking: “WHEN THE EFF WILL THIS BE OVER?!” that’s not to say it was all bad. there was SO much good in it — effects, characters, mythology — but the balance was off. too much yin, not enough yang. with some editing it could have been soooo much better. great, even. tell that to the giant egos who make these things. nobody checks them. outcome: a forgettable film. it’s a shiny object for the summer of 2012, but not one for posterity. i guess not everything needs to be. i guess people just want some big mindless sizzle in the summer time. and the bean-counters just want their box office billions. and that’s fine. but it bums me out nonetheless to see a film like that not reach its full storytelling potential.

i thought the bane character was awesome. cracks me up that rush limbaugh and the right wing nutjobs think it was calculated villification of romney’s bain capital. the comic book character was created in 1993. give me an effin break. so silly. there is never a lack of conspiracy theories in the media, that’s for sure.

i sort of thought bane looked like the enuch from game of thrones, though i couldn’t imagine that dude being so jacked. i did some imdb sleuthing. turns out the actor’s name is tom hardy – and he is wicked hot in a slap me around kinda way.

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  • I disagree here. I had no trouble finding a deeper story, and I don’t mean the thin references to today’s political flailings. I also didn’t find myself checking my watch. But you certainly aren’t alone in these complaints.

  • I didn’t notice the Chicago, Pittsburgh etc. but then again i’m so NYC-centric I don’t even know how to recognize other cities. Call me a city snob.

    I was so thrown off by JGL’s bad accent. I like him in general but it was weird to see him play such a straight up dude. he’s usually doing intellectual/sensitive/borderline effeminiate types.

    forgot to thank you laurs — you treated me to the movies! (i used fandango bucks you gave me in one of my fabulous gift packages from the last year.) xxxooo

  • Laurie Ruettimann (@lruettimann)

    I thought this might be Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s best performance minus the accent. And even the accent wasn’t all that offensive.

    You know what bothered me? The mash of visual images from Chicago, Pittsburgh and Manhattan. Pick a city. Gotham is not ‘every city’ and spotting landmarks/neighborhoods from Chicago and Pittsburgh was sorta disruptive.

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