august is my favorite month

i am such a leo, it’s embarrassing. the cons more so than the pros. this profile of the leo woman in particular makes me blush. (it’s so true, i cannot tell a lie << actually i can. this is a vain attempt at appearing modest).

i always feel lucky but it’s all magnified in my birthday month. in august,  i am very much intensely engaged at work (BUSY!) with my friends (BIRTHDAY!), and with my family (SUMMER!). when the weather in NYC is better i tend to be more fit and focused on wellness which in turn makes me happier.

i usually throw a bday bash but this year i think i’ll just tell people to come out for drinks on the monday night of my birthday. i leave for vacation 5 days later. i will be working throughout vacation but at the very least i will not be in the ratrace that is midtown manhattan. i will have my toes in the sand and the chunkers in my arms. what could be better?

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