Transformation is a process.

Transformation is a process. It is not a straight line. At times you take two steps forward, then two steps back. But you resume the path and when the time is right, you move ahead to new places.

This weekend I attended a retreat at the Ashram by my Mom’s house.  Those who know me know I go there often for Yoga classes on the weekend and when I have time off from work.  I first started going there when my Dad was dying and then it became a haven for me. I attended a retreat there two years ago with Erin, and it was fun … but this one was even better because I really focused on the program, did all the activities and spent time with my fellow retreaters.

It felt like I discovered a new place all together. Amazingly, though I’ve been going to the Ashram for almost 3 years, I had had never stepped foot in the meditation temple or walked around the lake. Two wonderful things I did for the first time this weekend. I guess the difference was I was ready this time.

I learned a lot and feel empowered again coming back to my life in NYC. I’d like to say more but I am too sleepy right now. So instead I will share some resources:

  1. THE ASHRAM http://www.anandaashram.org/
  2. MY TEACHER http://www.eliasyoga.com/
  3. MEDITATION AND READINGS WITH JOAN SUVAL http://www.meditationreadings.com/zc//
  4. BOOK: Yoga – The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness by Erich Schiffman

And some pictures:

View of the Ashram from the other side of the lake
View of the Ashram from the other side of the lake

Durga - one of our inspirations
Durga – one of our inspirations

Main House in the distance

Morning in Blue Sky House

Morning in Blue Sky House

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