we are ND

i’m beyond stoked about my team’s flawless season and entry to the BCS national championship. my ND buddies and i shall be making the journey to miami because … how could we NOT?

people love to hate ND … jealous that we have the NBC contract, we’re independent, we have a storied, amazing football tradition, killer recruiting … and on top of all that we’re SMART!

Notre Dame ranks #1 in Division I (and #3 overall) for excellence in academics and athletics. Yes, yes we do. Best all around in football, hands down. Stanford is pretty good too. And in hoops there’s Duke, of course.

I think the Catholic/God thing also contributes to some peoples’ dislike … a feeling that ND is “holier than thou” due to its association with Catholic Church. A belief that the whole call to higher standards on and off the field — aka integrity — is insincere.

I understand the jealousy and the resentment. If I didn’t attend ND, I might see things differently. But I DID attend … and all I see now is a team covered in glory. They defied everybody’s expectations over and over … went from being unranked and consistently being called “irrelevant” to being undefeated and #1 in the nation.

“underdog” by sly & the family stone

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