zen col musings – 2/4/13

I believe people can change. That belief is at the core of me, and why I am, as my “default setting,” a happy person … an optimist. Because if I thought it was all was predetermined or worse – random – I would not know how to live. Or I’d be too sad to live. I believe we are in constant co-creation. We can transform.

Sometimes shit happens we can’t control and there is no explicable reason for how or why. But how we bend, how we adapt, how we respond is what makes us as people.

We are who we are NOW – not fixed beings who don’t change. We’re not destined to repeat the same habits and idiosyncrasies over and over, because that was what we were born into/inherited/are expected to be. We can transform into the people we WANT to be. To do that we have to ENVISION who we want to be. Get the vision clear. Focus on the details. How would that person behave? Speak to others, treat others, impact others? Eat? Conduct one’s life? Who would that person spend time with and emulate?

Evolving is exhausting at times … but it’s worth the expenditure because you end up with the life you envisioned. (Or so I hope!)

*** post inspired by kyle, one of my fave teachers at yoga vida and someone else very special.

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