a new life

starting next month, here is where i’ll live with my new family. in my new life. while it may seem “sudden” from the outside, it’s not. it’s like everything that’s happened before this was making the way for this. miraculously,* the man of my dreams appeared and felt the same way i did.

*okay so it wasn’t a miracle; mutual friends @kenruettimann and @lruettimann set us up. but that they knew us both and thought to introduce two people who live on opposite coasts was fortuitous to say the least.

i don’t think it’s a coincidence that i’ve spent so much of my life caring for children — as a babysitter, cousin, sister, aunt — and that my new family includes two beautiful kids, age 5 and 8, who are open to and eager for my love. this was meant to be.

from one POV it’s instafamily, instamom, instanewlife. but from another it’s more that i’ve finally arrived at the next chapter!

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