when it first came out and everyone was freaking out, i said i didn’t love it. i was intrigued, yes. but it was not love at first listen like it had been with watch the throne and my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. kanye comes across as such a jackass. kim kardashian. naming the kid north west. various public shenanigans. calling himself a god and all that. not someone i want to root for.

but it’s the music: wild. unexpected. new. raw.

the dude is a rare innovator in a world of over-processed, predictable drivel. the sound. plus he speaks his mind and talks about taboo subjects like race in a media environment where most celebs are PR-repped and message-managed up the wazoo.

it’s been out for 3 months and i still listen to yeezus on repeat. it’s the music of now.

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