Owning Your (My) Power

You give away your power when you …

– Doubt yourself.
– Try to make everyone happy.
– Over-empower others by looking for approval and validation, giving them the power to hurt you.
– Forget that you know what you’re doing, and you are good at it.
– Have poor boundaries.
– Allow yourself to be intimidated by bluster and emotional assaults from other people.
– Don’t honor and share your truth.

You keep your power when you …

– Learn to say “No” and mean it.
– Stand up for yourself and believe in yourself, no matter what.
– Stand on the courage of your convictions.
– Ask for what you need and want.
– Embrace the fact you have the right be treated respectfully by other people.
– Be detached by observing other people’s behavior without attachment to the outcome.
– Spend time with people who are kind and considerate in the midst of a spirited discussion.

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