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people like to label each other but it’s not that simple. many people are multidimensional. not only do they have aspects to their personality, experience and capabilities you may not be aware of, but they may also have grown and changed since you originally labeled them.

for a long time a lot of people thought of me as a hip city chick, an independent single woman, an ambitious career gal. even though i am now domesticated, in a relationship and living in the suburbs, i am STILL independent, tough, ambitious. those aspects of my personality don’t come at the exclusion of love and family, which have always been my number one priority although it may not have appeared so to the outside world.

it has been very interesting to see how other people adjust their perceptions of me as my outside life has changed. yes, it’s been a huge year but also very much a progression and not a SHOCK to me or those who know me best. it’s more of a wonderful evolution … exactly where i am meant to be at this stage. i am grateful and blessed.

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