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What Are You Saying?

“Those with space in their mind are called wise, those with no space are called otherwise.” – Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

social-media-noiseLately I’ve been buggin out over social media.

Thinking about it: why we do it, what we say with everything we post.

I’ve found myself exposed to the random thoughts, musings and effluvia of people I barely know and am not all that interested in.

You know how it goes…you connect ‘cause why not? Then they become a part of your daily media dose for better or — more likely — for worse. And you are too lazy to do anything about it.

For some people, social media is an identity crutch. They are strangers to themselves, unable to be alone with themselves in peace. They post and post and post as if to say over and over: “This is who I am, acknowledge me, love me.”

I wonder what their lives would be like in the absence of social media. Would they be even lonelier? Would they feel less empowered, connected, accomplished if they didn’t project their every move and thought onto a semi-anonymous sea of others?

Why as a culture do we have this collective impulse to announce our meals, our workouts, to relentlessly document our children and pets? What lack are we trying to compensate for? Why can’t we live and let live … why can’t we let it be?

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now. Over that time I’ve struggled with questions of vanity, self-expression and disclosure. What’s too much? Why am I doing this at all?

The appeal of blogging for me is now more pronounced (although I rarely blog anymore, given my free time-devoid existence). The people who read blogs came there specifically to read it. They showed up there on their own volition. Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, words, pictures, impulses were not foisted upon them as they are in social media. Sure, people can choose who to friend/follow on social but so rarely do they carefully curate what they actually see each day. Who has the time for that?

On my part, it’s time I start using my in-between moments more wisely and checking social media less. It’s delivering too much junk and noise into my already cluttered consciousness. I can use those spare moments to breathe, stretch, call a friend and chat if only for a few minutes.

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