ain’t nobody got time for that

I am 9 months pregnant. Which means I’ll very likely be a new Mom this time next month. My world is about to be rocked and I know it. So I’m gradually detaching from nonessential obligations and distractions. Not making social plans, not doing anything I don’t want or need to do. Like suffering bullshit from anyone… intentional or otherwise.

I’m savoring what last shreds of peace and quiet I can grab. Getting a facial, mani pedi on a Saturday. Sitting quietly with my husband after we put the Littles to bed. Sleeping. Reading a book.

As I get older, I’m learning to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the moments I’m living, while I’m living them. And to stop letting other people suck me into their drama, manipulations and machinations. I suspect I’ll be even more focused after the baby comes.

Kinda like I remember my Mom was when we were little. She wasn’t taking crap from anyone. She was focused on taking care of us, my Dad and herself. Anything else that didn’t enhance her/our lives… she sent it packing. Cause when you’re responsible for the lives of others, ain’t nobody got time for that.


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