My Lenny Kravitz Moment

assless_chaps_not_a_cowboyThis morning I was so proud of myself for getting all the animals cared for, getting Monk ready to be dropped off at daycare early enough that I could still make the 7:19 train, all with DH and the kids away in Cali. At the daycare place I was crouching down to get Monk out of her carseat when I heard a loud POOF! and suddenly felt a draft on my netherregions. My pants had completely split at the seams, all around the crotch area and butt. Fortunately I had a longish shirt and blazer on so when I brought Monk into the classroom no one saw my goods … but by the time I made it out to the car my thighs and butt were totally exposed. A$$less chaps style. I managed to get home and change and STILL make the 7:19 train. #TRUESTORY
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