scenes from a morning

jfcyour husband has early morning meetings in the city today so you are doing the dropoffs before heading in to the city yourself. you are already bleary eyed because the baby would not/could not sleep last night. she finally fell asleep on your bed and is sleeping past 7 am — which she NEVER does. so getting the kids ready for school isn’t easy, because you can’t leave her (she might fall out)!. your 10 year old sliced a bagel in half for your 8 year old to bring in for lunch. except she did a butch job and her little brother is disappointed by the breaddy nubs, and you feel badly for not doing it yourself. and well fuck it the dog won’t get walked today — he’d better do his business out back. somehow you get yourself dressed, maybe a brush through the hair but no makeup. the kids off to school, the baby to daycare, the par parked and caught the train in. check your email to learn of a powerpoint 911. and nobody is in the office yet to correct it. it is you … and some miserable schmoe sitting next to you on NJ Transit… and it’s only 9 a.m.

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