Disney is an amazing example of American capitalism and its extremes…. Incredible imagination, innovation and the merchandising of both. The best story telling on every level, and a consumer focus and service mentality that pervades all. The Magic Bands, Fast Pass system … How they manage data and move people around both physically (crowd control) and through their Sales funnel (share of wallet). How they celebrate the old (It’s a Small World) while kicking ass with the new (Frozen). From a business perspective, I was in awe.

But on a human and cultural level, it was disturbing. The incredible excesses to which people take things: eating junk, drinking soda. As portrayed in the subversive Disney flick Wall-E, many rely on scooters to avoid the simple act of walking. Going from one glazed over state of non-presence (staring at phones and tablets) to another (passively consuming manufactured entertainment experiences). Is this really the stuff our collective dreams are made of?

Alas, we went for the Littles… To give them “a magical experience” and in that regard, mission accomplished.


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