I am so grateful for my husband and my children and my family. For everyone’s health and happiness. That we all get to be together and laugh and enjoy our days. For the privilege of being a Mom, a guide and a coach to life for three precious souls. For the purpose they give me, for the humility they’ve engendered in me. For the kisses and hugs and laughs and surprises. For my husband, the most selfless and giving, fun and supportive man I could ever have hoped to meet. For the warmth and comfort of our home. It’s small.  It leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s ours and we all know we are safe and warm and loved there. For my Mom. So happy to have her and to finally really understand, at age 40, all the sacrifices she and my Dad (RIP) made over the years to give me and my brothers a good life. For my brothers and their families, whom I cherish to my core. With whom I love to be, and just hang. I know how lucky I am. When I was younger I may not have understood or appreciated all I had, but that’s the beauty of getting a little bit older. You don’t take anything for granted.

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