i am not a mommy blogger

eyesi repeat:


the very moniker sends shivers up my spine. i don’t like labels, and i especially don’t like labels that reduce me to only one of the many roles i play.

plus, i have been blogging for over a decade. i was blogging well before it became a cultural trend … and way way before i became a mother.

now, in the age of facebook & twitter, seems like everyone is expressing themselves digitally. posting pictures of pets, food, children. opining about the most mundane, ephemeral effluvia.

and despite knowing better, we keep logging in to read/hear/see all of this unremarkable crap. why? to make ourselves feel superior? to be a little less lonely?

regardless, today, blogging has taken on a more personal, retro feel. it somehow seems more dignified than posting on social media. it allows me to keep my personal musings contained in one designated area, controlled by me.

plus those who read this have sought it out. unlike on facebook where you can thrust your banalities into everyone’s consciousness with one casual undiscriminating click.

so here i am, again, blogging. same as it ever was. but don’t call me a mommyblogger … or i will beat you.

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