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she don’t gotta have it

ShesGottaHaveIt_posteri watched the first two episodes of the netflix series SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT on a plane.* i will NOT continue with further episodes. i love spike the auteur. a true artist. i loved the LOOK of the show. of course the music and humor were aces. BUT the story, the main character Nola just didn’t seem authentic to me.

she seemed like a dude’s idea of what a super-empowered woman would be. living alone in a gorgeous apartment, spending her days as an artist, having all manner of satisfying and frequent sex with multiple partners. being invulnerable – if not physically than emotionally. and of course she is insanely gorgeous because only gorgeous women get to be self actualized.

this is the stuff of male fantasy – not female fantasy. kinda like beatrix kiddo was quentin’s fantasy. freakishly beautiful, outrageously strong willed, expertly skilled, the mind, body and temperament of a martial arts master. unattainable. NB: here we are 16 years later, having learned how he made uma drive the car against her better judgement and she almost killed herself. Grrrrrrr.

for starters, Nola would NEVER go for mars blackmon, the ugly guy on the bike. yes, these are caricatures, and he’s a light-hearted court jester type. and the story is trying to suggest that she wants fun and levity in her life so she goes out and gets it through that guy. but it doesn’t ring true. she is machiavellian in every sense of the word. not in any universe would she go for an unattractive sneaker obsessed kid who doesn’t have his own phone. NOT HAPPENING.

and her reaction to the late night attack rings false. a man grabs her on the street as she’s walking home in the dark, says threatening things and stops just short of greater violence. she frees herself and escapes. given how she conducts herself in life, i don’t see nola openly express her feelings of vulnerability to all of her friends and lovers. i’m not buying it.

these are just a couple of the errant details. i read up on the series and apparently a lot of women wrote contributed to it. but the macho spike vibe looms large, IMO. just can’t invest more into this one, knowing what i know, feeling what i feel.

* these are fresh perspectives on the new netflix series that have no relation to the 1986 motion picture.

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