Leave when it’s time to go

Quitting is so hard when you’re not a quitter. Everything in you says don’t be weak, don’t quit. But quitting things that aren’t working can be a creative act. An act of self-respect and the first few lines in your next chapter.

I was raised in the Catholic Church, indoctrinated to follow the GOP. Both have been revealed to be utterly toxic. I accept that – I don’t continue to hold on. As an adult I came to grips with it and made the decision to remove myself from both camps.

We look to institutions to help guide us. But when they not only fail to lead, but go further and actively attack us, why should we keep following them? Why should we continue to support and empower them?

Doing so is self-destructive. Doing so is having fealty to a false illusion. A past that was never as rosy as it seemed.

It’s scary to face the unknown. To step out of our comfort zones into the great wide open … but how lucky to have the chance.


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