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woody teaming up with long ball larry

Woody Allen is working on a new film with Larry David. It’s called “Whatever Works.” I suspect this one will work for me.

Asked if David, creator/star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and Allen shared the same comedic sensibility, Allen said:

“He’s got a great thing of his own. He’s got a great, what would you call it, sarcastic, sour or vitriolic, wonderful, wonderful, no nonsense sense of humor.”

“I think I’m more illusory than him. Hes a stronger personality. I’m more of a schlemiel, a dope. I would be the guy they would plant the microfilm on and I would never know it, and I would be out there wondering why people are shooting at me. Larry has a different quality.”

His latest film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, is out next month. A pal saw it and raved. Javier looks smokin!

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keep it in your pants

said the subject line of the email from barry, which tipped me off to this teaser to end all teasers. my eyes teared up at the frame of him shirtless. enjoy, ladies & john.

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ikiru (to live)

i watched this last week. heavy shit. and crazy long. close to home … if you know anyone who’s worked in a bureaucracy, or who was dying, or living unhappily, regretting his life, or all of the above. wishing he had done things differently. an old school about schmidt, but with some hope. the beauty of this story, the theme of this story, for me, is that it’s never too late. and the lesson is not to defer living. not to defer whatever it is you really want, because life is brief.

Act V, scene 5 of Macbeth

“All our yesterday have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.”

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long & loose

art − ash and i saw the david byrne “play the building” exhibit, right by the staten island ferry, a week ago. we enjoyed it. it was one of those shows where you go, you see it, you get it, and you leave. unless you’re a hipster out cruisin’ for dates, in which case you linger and prepare pedantic pickup lines for dudes with mustaches and chicks with femullets. speaking of uber coolness, i still haven’t made it over to the murakami exhibit, but shall shortly. and damnit i missed the telectroscope thing in brooklyn, whereby you can look through a telescope and see (and wave to) people in london.

film − linda and i saw the satc movie. i really liked. it’s a showcase of these four wonderful characters, and an homage to friendship, and liberated women living life on their own terms. i was late to the satc party … i only started watching after the 3rd or 4th season … early on i was a snob in the “it’s shallow and frivolous” camp. i only had eyes for SFU. but once i gave the show a shot i realized there was much more to the characters and the entire dynamic. i also understand why so many people are threatened by what the show represents … women going after and getting what they want, enjoying pleasurable things, sustaining themselves through their own wits, charms and relationships rather than relying on men and traditional institutions like marriage to take care of them.

zen shit − sunday after yoga i stopped off at the east west bookstore (a favorite zen col hangout) and picked up another title – “meditation” − by indian mystic and guru osho, whom i’ve been reading a lot of lately. made my way over to the water and read, lazed there most of the afternoon on a sweet perch. time passed and group of people came by and sat around me on said perch. at first i was irritated because their banter was distracting me from my book. but once i started listening i discovered that they were a meditation group … and they were talking a lot about osho! the leader, a lovably crazy hippie lady, had known him well … she was talking about building a sod worship center in india. the students shared their troubles and concerns … both abstract and specific. how they struggle with silencing their minds … and are addicted to the mental drama in spite of knowing it’s no good for anybody. one woman couldn’t stand being paid $40 an hour for her engineering skills due to the bad economy (she’s used to receiving double that). another was worried about her green card coming though. another still was saying that he can’t see himself riding out a desk job for the rest of his life. together they brainstormed about creating a food cart business that caters to manhattan professionals — healthy, organic, high-end indian food. they discussed the leadership team, distribution and their marketing plan. they were interesting, warm and i felt like a part of their group (and sort of was). a lovely day by the water.

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eventful day


1) stock market roller coaster (not that i really care)

2) amy winehouse on the crackpipe, heath ledger dead in mary-kate olsen’s apartment.***

3) kate harding, a long-time blogfriend who followed her bliss and started an issue-oriented blog (fat acceptance), was featured in the nytimes today and will be on the today show tomorrow. damn them — they bumped her for 24-7 coverage of the dead celeb.

4) i actually worked at work.

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nappy headed ho

sloth.jpgthe lack of blog posts over the past week is proof that i did not go to the office. it’s been fairly delightful. i’ve slept massive amounts, watched horrible TV, ate too much food, and have rarely left the apartment. wake up at 9. eat cereal, play super mario galaxy and then take a nap at 11. tis the season to be slothful.

christmas itself was stressful, due to an ongoing parental situation that’s best described by amy winehouse, except it’s daddy himself that’s the issue. not fun but i’m determined not going to let it ruin everything. time with other familial units helped mitigate the stress. so did a lot of naps.

yesterday i had fabulous unexpected QT with cousin kate. we saw persepolis. it was fun & heavy. if you plan to read the books, definitely do that first.

today i saw juno. it was cute. a little precious … indie emo overload, but i loved it no less. the main character is a mini janeane garofalo and the soundtrack sounds like a mixed CD i made 6 months ago. plus it’s got michael cera being a sweet little weenie boy. how can you beat that?

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All fired up …

Finally got around to watching 300, courtesy of Netflix. It’s the story of the Spartan soldiers in the battle of Thermopylae, fighting against a much larger Persian force. Back in the spring, everyone was going nuts over the fact that the critics panned it and there were no big stars, yet audiences flocked to see it. I recall my trainer and big brother talking about it. They are both boxers with a taste for epic blood and glory stories. (I am too, actually. Braveheart and Gladiator are among my favorites.) I also recall seeing the SPARTA version of the Dramatic Prairie Dog and wondering what all the madness was about.

Now I understand. The hero story, the drama, the roller coaster of highs and lows. It sucked me in and got me all involved. I cried a few times, I yelled out loud: “Get that mother fucker! Spear through the heart!” They wonder why we Americans love watching cinematic violence. I think it’s because it makes us feel alive (most of our lives is spent sleepwalking).

Later today I plan to go check out “No Country For Old Men,” the Coen brothers’ latest. Javier Bardem, the Spanish actor who plays the protagonist (the embodiment of pure evil) initially hesitated to do the film because of the violence. But he talked it out with Joel and Ethan and they convinced him that the point of the film is that violence is meaningless. (Great Q&A in the November 2007 issue of Interview magazine, BTW).

Tarantino’s stuff conveys a similar vein. The hilarity of the killers and kills in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. The emptiness that Beatrix Kiddo feels once she finally gets her bloody revenge. I don’t have a definitive view on violence in the media, but I do know that I positively loved “300.”

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fight greed!

you can call me col guevara, but NO, i am not on board with ALL unions. i think a lot of unions perpetuate mediocrity and failure, particularly in our national education system. i loathe politicians — they are corrupt interest peddlers, regardless of party affiliation. i consider myself more of an À la carte thinker and voter. and i hate when dopey celebs start spouting off about complex issues they have very little understanding of. but here’s a case where i welcome the yammering (most of it, anyway) because they intimately understand what’s at stake:

Solidarity! Tina Fey, Tim Robbins, Kristin Davis, John Edwards, And The Creepy Guy From “Lost” Rally For Striking Writers

BTW, Carson Daly going back to work? Really dumb move, brah!

“hi, i’m carson daly, and i’m a massive tool.” — Jimmy Fallon playing Carson Daly (on TRL) on SNL


PS: i really miss jimmy.

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more reason to love andre

speechless on youtube

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post-thanksgiving stew

1. rich guys ─ get over yourself. it’s cool and all that you made a shitload of dough in software, vc, hedge fund management,banking etc. but that doesn’t necessarily make you interesting or hot or good boyfriend or husband/father material. believe it or not, there are tons of you out there. now i’m def. with gwen guthrie in requiring that a dude have a J-O-B, but material wealth alone does not a rich man make. you’ve also got to be giving, attentive, present, loving and receptive. and bonus points if you say stuff like: i don’t mean to brag, i don’t mean to boast, but i’m intercontinental when i eat french toast.

2. san fran ─ good time overall. we deep fried a turkey and it took so long i ended up getting sick in the bathroom from all the mulled cider (made with a whole jug of crown royal and peach schnapps) in my empty belly. that’s what i get for trying to roll with the 27 year olds. friday i went hiking at land’s end and hung at the beach with tara while kev worked. flew united direct and it was actually quite pleasant. i upgraded my seat both ways to get extra legroom and watched episodes of 30 rock and arrested development on my ipod. dream!

3. don(na) coleone, the godmother ─ liam was a champ at his christening yesterday. i stood up on the altar there, renounced satan and all that as the nudge became a catholic. the party was good times too –50 + people there, lots of kiddies, good eats, good tunes (i did the songlist). always good to kick back and hang with the extended friends and fam.

4. half nelson ─ started watching it last night, and though i am over a year late with this, i’m jumping on the effusively praising bandwagon. it’s a moving story of 20-something crack-addicted inner-city middle-school teacher, dan dunne. ryan gosling plays the role to perfection showing how one can manage to go to work, jog, get dates, follow politics and look ridiculously hot whilst secretly enslaved by a life-threatening addiction. the actor who plays drey ─ dunne’s smart, strong, painfully sweet and earnest schoolgirl protector ─ is also very gifted.

5. “We didn’t know who to hire. I wouldn’t be able to recognize a good technology person — anyone with a good bullshit story would have gotten past me.” — Universal Music CEO Doug Morris to Wired magazine when asked why the music business didn’t work harder to build its own online presence in the early days of file-sharing. rarely do you get to see a major honcho straight up admitting that past swagger and game face masked total ignorance and laziness. he and his high-rollin’ industry peers had no clue what to do in a changing environment, and they didn’t try to figure it out until it was way too late. i also dig how he admits that “anyone with a good bullshit story” can get through. it’s so true. consultant types who peddle ideas to big honchos are often opportunistic shysters.

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