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hello all. i am emailing from mailboxes etcetera on hudson street. i couldn’t get a time warner appointment until next weekend, so for the next week i shall be sans internet (and tv, and home phone). oi. BUT my cell phone works fine in the new place and i have my iTunes, Cds, newspapers and sirius radio to fill the media void for the next week. the move was as good as a move could be. the movers were very nice and helpful (big john’s on the upper east side) and nothing was lost or broken. the new place belongs to a friend and is truly wonderful. i feel so much more at home there than in my prior pad. even the movers were shocked by how small it was. they were off the boat immigrants and couldn’t fathom how i could have lived there for 3.5 years. my answer: the deferred gratification principle. it works. anyways, life is good. it’s a rainy sunday in january and i don’t even have the blues.

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