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a seat at the table

changegovBetter to light a candle than to curse the darkness.— Chinese Proverb

i am enamoured with the Obama camp’s brilliant approach to communications. They are DOIN’ IT RIGHT! It gets me excited to see how advanced they are — the GOVERNMENT LEADING THE CHARGE? When does that happen? Yesterday they announced a new initative “Your Seat at the Table” focused on creating transparency.

If more institutions took this approach, we’d see a shift in the face of leadership.

As a young woman in corporate America, it’s frustrating to watch the extent of the old boy’s club. The silos, the closed doors, the mediocrity and/or corruption of senior executives and corporate Boards of Directors who are supposed to provide governance and oversight, but who are so rich, out-of-touch, and complacent that they let huge pernicious trends go unchecked. The result, as we are experiencing right now, is crisis.

Let some other people in the room. People who have a view from the ground. Who have nothing to lose or protect so they’ll speak the truth.

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picksjpga wise grandma once said, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your friends’ noses. she was wrong, tho. i have friends whose noses i’d pick if they needed me to. and here are two random entertainment picks selected for your sensory pleasure…

1) Q-TIP — The Renaissance

my crush on q-tip springs eternal. love this album. haven’t listened 2 it enough yet but i love, love love it and love love love the cutie Q-Tip.

2) Rachel Getting Married

jonathan demme’s new flick. it’s good. hard to watch having dealt with the ugliness of having an addict in the family. the self absorption. how it’s all about them. how — like it or not — it affects everyone’s relationships, lives. regardless, it’s worth seeing. beautiful ideas for a unique wedding. good music. anne hathaway is great.  here’s a clip.

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wednesday afternoon dance party!

yeah, you heard it right — i’m on a rampage, stirring things up with a dance party MID WEEK! i really dig this song & video “time to pretend” from hipster kiddies MGMT. it’s particularly resonant as i embrace my adultesecent sensibility and prepare for my reading at cringe on october 1! judging by the song’s lyrics, these guys tend to agree that life is a bastard.

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sounds good

everything that happens will happen today by david byrne and brian eno. first song, home, is dedicated to you, gem! H/T to jezebel music.

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rip black moses

isaac hayes had a strong place in my heart even before his gig as chef on southpark. black moses got major latenight airplay in my room in college, as did the shaft soundtrack. he was one soulful dude, and this rendition of the clifton davis classic: “Never Can Say Goodbye” is one of my all-time favorite covers.

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too much fun

my cousin kate has a story from her childhood that exemplifies the practical/repressed mindset of our parents when we were little. it was summer vacation and she had slept over at the neighbor’s house, hung at the pool with them, had pizza and cake and was invited to sleep over a second night in a row. kate was thrilled by the prospect of extending the party another day, but her mom said no. kate did what any 8 year old would do − she asked why not. her mom’s reply: “it’s just too much fun.”

i might have received similar castigation for the way i conducted this weekend. here are some things i did:

  1. got blonded at blow and tried to convince my pal david that paul mccartney/wings wasn’t all terrible. i even burned him a cd … he was nonplussed and tried to rope me into an either/or situation comparing post beatles paul to post beatles john. i told him to shut it — that if paul had died too we’d not been having this convo, and hell why does everything have to be compared to the prior body of work? he said john was on track to being perennially cool and i said okay fine but why do we have to put someone (paul) down?
  2. mailed several letters with shiny heart stickers on them.
  3. watched Julian Schnabel’s the diving bell and the butterfly. love love loved it and cried tons. need to read the book.
  4. had dinner with a delightful group on sat. night. learned about the u-nanna-versity of vajayjay, and an amazing show on fx called damages.
  5. went down the shore with my girls. we laughed our asses off. sat amongst jersey’s finest tattoos, piercings, guido talk. i swam in the ocean and the water was peeeeeeeeeerfect. when my hair dried i looked like spicoli and ali quoted him and i twittered it.
  6. i left my wallet in new jersey (safe in a phyll’s car but still – tres inconvenient).
  7. i went for a bike ride (sans helmet − rebel yell!) and saw a rainbow.
  8. i bought one can of cat food ($.75) with some loose change so aretha won’t starve and talked jill into meeting me for drinks (that she’d buy) at the piggy.

the douchebag of the day award goes to the guy who wore the tshirt that said: “my labradoodle loves me no matter what my golf score is.” the runner up was a passive aggressive biker who snottily yelled out to a band of tourists as he rode by, “thanks for blocking the path!”

if a life this fun is wrong, i don’t want to be right.

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monday morning dance party!

“i’m bossy” by kelis. i’m back with an 808 cause i’m bossy

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i love music and music videos containing OTT sexual innuendo. here are a few of my faves, mostly plucked from the R&B genre, all of which i believe are from the late 90’s/early 2000’s … a time when i still used to listen to the radio and Napster was in its heyday.

Adina Howard – Freak Like Me. Cause it’s all about the dog in me-eeee. I love love loved this song, and still do … cause i don’t give a damn about a thing.

Slum Village − Climax. Gettin’ live like we at the mardi gras … SV was an amazing act. RIP j dilla.

Choclair − Rubbin. You fronting like I ain’t ’bout to knock it … I got a rocket in my pocket. Saw these guys at cat’s cradle in chapel hill in 1998. it was an awesome show. no idea where they are now — their music isn’t even on iTunes.

Aaliyah – Rock the Boat. Go ahead and put that thing in over drive. Think this was the video she went to shoot when the plane crashed 🙁

D’Angelo − How Does it Feel. Listen girl I have something I wanna Show U .. I wish you’d open up cause I wanna take the walls down with u. I was totes obsessed with this entire album when it came out. And the previous album (Brown Sugar). D’Angelo’s so talented. And hot damn, is he a beautiful human being. Zoinks!

H-Town − Knockin the Boots. Somebody rockin� knockin� da boots.

There are many more … like Pony by Genuine, Too Close by Next. And countless others i’m hoping you’ll point out …

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Welcome to the living room

In my house growing up, every family party ever held … after dinner, and many drinks, out came the Irish music. When I was 8 my parents even forced me to take Irish step dancing lessons in the back of a bar (Davey’s Locker in Montvale, NJ to be precise. ) … And no, I did not love that. But I did love the music, and still do (albeit in small doses). It makes me feel at home, among family.

Of course, it also accentuates a sense of gloominess in the Irish-American sensibility. A pal once referenced someone she knew who read “the Irish sports pages” every day without fail. She was talking about the obits. Man was that familiar. Between my Grandma, Nana, Mom, Aunts and Great Aunts’ worrying, I was surrounded by adults who were obsessed with mortality. And the craziest part is, all that worrying was done silently. There was always a dark cloud of fear hovering over us, but no one acknowledged it. No one talked about death, dying or anything “unpleasant.”

I’ve done a decent job shedding that mindset but the weight of generations still bears down on me every once in a while. But then I can’t forget − there are positive aspects of the Irish-American sensibility. Wit. Sarcasm. The ability to laugh ourselves through seriously ugly shit. And to fight like hell when we need to.

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songs for summer

am really diggin’ albert hammond jr.’s 2nd LP “como te llama.” if you’re not versed, he’s from the strokes, one of my very fave bands. am a coupla months late in this discovery, but alas … who gives a crap about release dates anymore — movies, tv, music … what’s the urgency? good stuff abounds, and is there whenever you want it.

recently my ipod got wiped out due to my carelessness. cousin jack, one of my MVC’s (most valuable curators) re-jacked it. out of the thousands of new songs, movies and shows he put on it, como te is my fave collection so far. it speaks to how i feel right now. ironically, my favorite song on the album is “feed me jack. ” cousin jack not only feeds me music — he also cooked for me the night i picked up the ipod (bonus!).

and as if alberto and his tunes aren’t sexy enough (you may recall, i have a major thing for rocker boys and musicians in general), he had to go and have one of his videos directed by haunting hottie joaquin phoenix:

then there’s also this amusing rough around the edges homemade one, which reminds me of the early days of MTV when all videos told very clear stories. actually, it must be from his first solo album, yours to keep,which i did have at one point, before another, previous ipod wipeout (note to self: back that shit up!). anyways, worth a look … and a listen:

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