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Behold, we call them blessed who endured

Mañana begins a new era. I start a new job in the industry I wanted to be in all along: media and entertainment. 5 years of finance/insurance served its purpose. It taught me how big business works. It taught me how to deal with honchos and dogma. It taught me the patience of Job. I essentially got an MBA, but better, and without paying for it. I am psyched to have some new content to work on, something new and perhaps even, gasp, fun to learn.

Deferred fixed annuity… what’s that?

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tabula rasa — January 21 2006

i decided to start fresh.

i dropped the prior 3 years worth of archives, because the past is an illusion, like the future is a dream.

i abandoned much of the personal clamor for recognition: the photo album, the resume. though i still long for the strokes (oh, perennial child), i desire privacy even more (oh, cruel world).

as for what the content will be, i’ll make it up as i go along. such is life.

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