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1. Train delays and shut downs, and not a single taxi. Arrived at the office 45 minutes later than planned.
2. Maintained my good cheer.
3. Worked on a board report with endless edits and new pieces of information, none of which I have mastery over yet.
4. Made a conscious effort to maintain my good cheer.
5. Realized it was 7 pm and if I had any life whatsoever I wouldn’t still be there toiling away. Shut down shop.
6. Walked to the subway seeing couples holding hands, dining out, and dudes buying flowers for their dudettes.
7. Started to feel bad for myself. Then mad at myself for working my life away.
8. Missed the first train because the woman in front of me in line at the Metro Card machine refused to take NO for an answer from the machine.
9. Finally arrived at 14 St. and there was a yellowish gas everywhere. All I could think was: NERVE GAS!
10. High tailed it outta there. When I got to the street level one of the street holes exploded, causing a traffic melee.
11. It was so late my dry cleaners had closed, leaving me with paltry few fashion alternatives for tomorrow.
12. I went instead to D’Agostino where the only other people there were other loner types with no dates.
13. My door man ceremoniously wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day, making me feel like an even bigger loser.
14. I reflected, once again, on the fact that I have lived here for 3 weeks and:

  • my mail still isn’t being forwarded
  • I still haven’t joined a gym; my Hillary Clintonesque legs are geting uglier with every day.
  • I don’t have time to go pick up my FedEx package on Leroy Street (got the sticker last week).
    15. I came upstairs, fed the cat, put down my things and went to put the trash out that I had left there this morning.
    16. Returned from garbage chute and realized I had locked myself out of my apartment.
    17. Went to super’s apartment to get the key. Apologized to the ostensibly irritated wife of super.
    18. Dispensed with any pretense of good cheer and typed this blog post whilst watching Dr. Phil Love Special.
    19. In conclusion, I need an assistant and a boyfriend.
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    exile in guyville, YEAH!

    on a pre-pre-valentines day in the dead of winter … it feels indulgent to play this old and familiar song and look out the snowy window whilst hugging my cat and see what appears to be everyone else in the world frolicking together.

    then my moment of moroseness is interuppted by my iTunes, which has shuffled to Get Crunk by Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boyz.


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    do i look like a caitlin?

    my hair guy, with whom i spend large sums of money every 7 weeks, called me caitlin today. how rude!

    then i came home and looked at the shitty furniture i bought from target and pondered — why? why the rickety, self-assembled house of cards night stand? why not something sturdier, long lasting? why do i blow cash on hair and not home?

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    we try harder, dog.

    i crack the hell up every time i see that avis commercial featuring DMX’s “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” (STOP! DROP! SHUT ‘EM DOWN OPEN UP SHOP!). geezers rollin’ up like playas. hilarious.

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    sorry for another canned idea, but too bad.

    “Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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    sometimes i think i am the only person in the world who doesn’t love U2. i can see the music has merit. and i think bono’s a standup guy using his celebrity for important economic and diplomatic issues. but hell i still cringe every time i see those cheesy glasses and hear that “uno – dos – tres – CATORCE.”

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    "Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put…

    “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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    ikea's web site blows!

    it’s bothered me for years. the lack of a real ecommerce ikea site.

    why? WHY?

    here i am, visa in hand, ready to blow a couple of hundred bucks on crappy furniture that has no shot at being around long enough to be of use to my future progeny.

    or even me, say … 3 years from now.

    but alas, der arbiter of disposable modern scandinavian style doesn’t want my kronas.

    or, der arbiter is so arrogant as to believe i have no alternative but to commandeer a vehicle and leave the island in search of cheap retro furnishings in its new jersey or brooklyn locations.

    won’t sell & ship to little old me? c’est la vie! le target? oui!

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    lol (just for you, spill)

    fool me you can’t get fooled again

    brokeback to the future

    for the eddie murphy bit i was talking about… couldn’t find italians who just saw rocky on iTunes but they did have the doo doo one. go to Eddie Murphy/Eddie Murphy. the sample is Doo-doo/christmas gifts.

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    the joys of much too much

    “Go for the Big Life — the Great Career, the Perfect Guy, and Everything Else You’ve Ever Wanted (Even If You’re Afraid You Don’t Have What It Takes) by Bonnie Fuller.

    i don’t feel compelled to read the book, but i do delight in the idea of it. just this weekend i was at a wedding shower and a friend of my mother’s pulled me aside and told me i was wonderful and my mother is so proud of me, yadda yadda yadda. then she paused and sternly warned me: “but don’t forget to smell the roses.”

    it was not the first time i had heard that one. older generations tend to think i am not enjoying my life because i am so focused on my career. they are wrong. i get a great deal of fulfillment and opportunity for self actualization from my career. and i have wonderful relationships. i have a full life with friends and family and diverse delights. i feel blessed that i had the wherewithal to stay independent and work on sorting out my identity before i got married and had kids and tried impose my unrealized dreams, hopes and fantasies onto others. there’s plenty of time to fall in love and, if i am lucky, have a family. i believe you have to let life unfold as it will, because it will. there’s no sacred script for how and when things should be done. we all have to find our own way.

    besides, that whole desparate housewives scene just so isn’t me.

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