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winter be gone!

Eight Line Poem — David Bowie
One of These Things First — Nick Drake
I’ll Keep It With Mine — Nico
Mother — John Lennon
F**k and Run — Liz Phair
Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon — Neil Diamond
The Partisan — Leonard Cohen
The Girl From Back Then — Kings Of Convenience
Hide Your Love Away — The Beatles
Half of You — Cat Power
Chase the Moon — The Czars
The First time Ever I saw Your Face — Roberta Flack
I Can’t Help Falling In Love — Elvis Presley
A Minor Incident — Badly Drawn Boy
I’m Glad You’re Mine — Al Green
California — Joni Mitchell
Saturday — Josh Rouse
100,000 Fireflies — The Magnetic Fields
Slip Slidin’ Away — Paul Simon

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on my brain today …

1. bird flu is coming ─ yikes. maybe i’m just chicken, but this really scares me.

a virulent strain of bird flu is gradually spreading around the world, most recently appearing in france. it has infected more than 160 people, killing 90. but experts say that nearly all of the infected people had direct contact with infected birds, and that a pandemic would result only if the virus mutated enough to spread easily from human to human. whether such a mutation is likely anytime soon is unknown.

2. blog book maker ─ cool.
wish i had encountered this before i obliterated my previous 3 years of blog posts.

3. today on ─ exile in wimpville.
as one who often complains about the irritating lack of confidence on the part of modern men, this short film provides an alternative perspective. i’m nice and all the girls are mean. wah!

4. dave chapelle ─ straight trippin’. threatening comedy central not to air shows composed of outtakes cobbled together from his prior seasons. he says: “that will damage our relationship.” i love dave. love him and really enjoy his work (looking forward to seeing block party), but come on! the guy walked out on a $50 million contract, leaving “chappelle’s show” in mid-production. damage the relationship? the guy flaked out and better check himself lest he further exacerbate his reputation for being an operational risk.

5. googlemania – i have it too. but is it healthy? i watched google’s analyst meeting webcast today. eric schmidt said the goal is to become a global $100 billion company this year. they are very ambitious, very smart. and they have a lot of bright people. one thing that disturbed me, though, was schmidt’s request to all businesses: “give us all of your product.” he and google are asking companies to essentially outsource all of their advertising efforts to google, and to trust google to be the sole arbiter of global advertising roi. a worthy pursuit for google, but not, in my opinion, a healthy dynamic for world commerce or communications. at some point someone asked why businesses and individuals should trust google with its information. larry said that it’s in the company’s business interest to be trustworthy. but that’s not enough, in my opinion. i think google is great and i trust it right now. but absolute power corrupts absolutely. there ought to be a couple of viable competitors in this race “to organize the world’s information.” since google is going after all advertising revenues ─ a market it estimates is equivalent to $238 billion domestically ─ and it already has a pretty significant partnership with time warner, i’d like to see another partnership that marries technology with ad revenue-producing capability. i don’t believe in having one portal for information. there is too much power inscribed in it. last week barron’s speculated about a disney/apple union. jobs and iger dismissed it. i hope for everyone’s sake that some action is in fact underway, if not on that front then on another.

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when the truth disturbs

chalk it up to mythology, or social/psychological problems. whatever it is, women make less money.

  • A recent Cornell study found that female job applicants with children would be less likely to get hired, and if they do, would be paid a lower salary than other candidates, male and female. By contrast, male applicants with children would be offered a higher salary than non-fathers and other mothers.
  • A recent Carnegie Mellon study found that female job applicants who tried to negotiate a higher salary were less likely to be hired by male managers, while male applicants were not.

    fuckin’ A man, even the divas get less than half of what their male peers get. W-T-F?

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    hoff to the academy:

    woof woof?

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    it's the uniforms, man

    i fell out of love with the nba a couple of years ago. not quite sure why but, i have an inkling that it had to do with the bad style. i remember when a couple of new franchises came out in the late nineties and everything was turquoise and purple — so in your face — and i just wanted to barf. the last time i watched the finals closely was in 2000. so it’s been a while. but last night, lured by the novelty and tempted by the possibility of some good gawking, spill and i rolled over to MSG to watch in person as the knicks got nicked yet again. we knew they sucked going into it so this did not impinge on our fun. i got one look at their home uniform and realized why they lost their mojo. they are dressed like friggin’ globetrotters!

    [insert whistling here]. poor knickies.

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    aretha hearts oscar

    and rudely, she smells his ass.

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    sweet relief

    that moment when you realize you won’t need to pull an all nighter in order to reach your latest deadline. in fact, you might even get to bed by midnight. at 5pm, even as late as 10pm it was looking dire, but then end came tumbling down as it so often does. love when that happens.

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    beth's infinite wisdom

    erin and i were complaining about guys who appear to be interested, but who never actually follow through to ask us out. for years we made allowances for them. we even accepted the myth that we are “intimidating.” we extended ourselves over and over despite knowing, deep down, that the kind of man we want would not sit by passively requiring us to make all the moves. we want men, not boys. and men who are crazy about us, not guys who could just as easily wait for the next chick passing through. as beth so aptly put it: “we all have hard things we have to do in life. for women it’s giving birth, for men it’s asking women out. (to men) yes, we know it’s hard. but suck it up and do your job!”

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    how does this happen?

    erin lives in la i live in nyc. we don’t see each other for months. we meet up in chicago and have close to identical loungewear. if it’s not loungewear, it’s hairdo. or shoes or jacket or something. oh yeah, and our lives are exactly the same too except she lives amidst palm trees and freeways and i live amidst skyscrapers and subways. it’s been happening for years. it’s actually quite comforting, in a narcissistic kind of way. and, come to think of it, not all that mysterious if viewed through the lense of demographic studies.

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    bad teachers suck

    inspired by jill’s unfortunate run-in with an unhappy woman in a position of power & kate’s musings on academia.

    i had a horrible prof in grad school whose abuse of power makes me know what kind of teacher i refuse to become.

    he taught history and had a beef with me off the bat since i was from the journalism school. he had it in his head that we j school students were mere pragmatists, technicians, incapable of higher thought.

    most of the material he asked us to read was drivel. the trendy postmodernist social constructionist tomes that are unlikely to still be in print in 20 years (or even 10 … when he and his buddies retire and stop putting them on the required reading lists). i resented having to give so many hours of my weeks to academic pulp nonfiction. but it was close to graduation and i was under the wire with elective credits. plus i had no better choices during the same time period. asshole or not, i needed the class.

    so i amused myself by using each weekly reflection paper to rip apart the guy’s curriculum (and inscribed months of work and research), piece by piece, reading by reading. my animus was often irrational — this i submit. and his response was equally inappropriate: whenever i contributed and idea in class (a requirement for a passing grade), he had a barb, a comeback or another superior “perspective” ready to deflate it and smack me back down. a classmate once remarked to me as we left class: “man, he really has it out for you doesn’t he?” and he did.

    i got further proof of this when he promptly shot down my idea for a research project. the only parameter he gave was that it had to do with “bodies on display in 19th century america.” i wanted to write about the ale house. where women were forbidden, except for whores, and men of different classes and ethnicities started mixing and beating the shit out of eachother. you know, like in far and away? he said no. it didn’t have enough to do with the body. an alehouse, where men go with the expressed purpose of altering their blood alcohol level whilst hobnobbing with other members of the public. meanwhile, his research assistant was permitted to do a project on “jazz.” bullshit.

    anyway, i am haunted by the memory of that prof. i never want to be like that. what caliber of mind, what strength of heart contents itself with obsequious subordinates?

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